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Celebrate the success of the ADIPEC 2019


      The Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Expo (ADIPEC) was first held in 1984 and has now developed into the largest and most influential professional exhibition in the Middle East.

       And Asia's # 1 Oil & Gas Show. It is also the third largest oil exhibition in the world, showing the world's latest products and technologies in the oil and gas field.

      Surgery and services. The Abu Dhabi Oil Show has been held every two years since it was held in 1984. From 2013 to once a year, exhibitors and the number of exhibitors has continued to increase.

       The "Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Expo" (ADIPEC) was opened to the public on November 11, 2019, at the National Exhibition Centre in the Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE.

      Exhibition criteria:
      Machinery and equipment: oil well equipment, welding technology and equipment, separation equipment, oil tank equipment, lifting equipment, ventilation equipment, impellers, various metal pipes and rubber hoses and their connection devices, electric transmission devices, and their assembly Etc .; instruments: valves, transformers, temperature sensors, stabilizers, recorders, filters, measuring instruments, gas measuring instruments, flanges, etc .; technical services: separation technology, surveying, mapping technology, oil depot engineering, refining, refining , Purification technology, quality detection methods, gasoline pumps, pollution control protection, pressure transmission detection technology, liquefaction technology, etc .; others: filters, screens, security systems, alarm systems, drilling platforms, oil and gas pipelines and their installation, pipeline lines Protection systems, natural gas gathering, etc., experimental and simulation systems, insulation materials, explosion-proof devices, oilfield chemicals, petrochemicals, etc.

     Exhibition highlights:
A total of 15 indoor pavilions, 2034 exhibitors, 140,000+ square meters of exhibition area, 8,000 delegates, and 100,000 visitors
25 international exhibition areas: Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Netherlands, Nigeria

, Norway, Scotland, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Arabia, Japan, Ireland
17 National Petroleum Corporations: Abu Dhabi National Petroleum Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation, Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, Saudi Arabian National Petroleum Corporation, China National Petroleum Corporation

Oil Technology Development Corporation, Qatar Petroleum Corporation, Korea National Petroleum Corporation, Sharjah National Petroleum Corporation, Petronas, Bahrain Petroleum Corporation, UAE Fluid

Natural Gas, Japan Petroleum and Natural Gas, Dolphin Energy
16 international oil companies: Dragoon Petroleum (UK), Shell Petroleum (Netherlands and UK), Total Petroleum (France), Western Petroleum (

United States), Mobil Petroleum Corporation (USA), Mubadala Petroleum Corporation (UAE), Abu Dhabi National Energy Corporation (UAE), Norwegian Petroleum Corporation (Norway),

Austrian Oil & Gas Group (Austria), Petronas (Spain), Portuguese Oil & Gas Company (Portugal), Japan Petroleum Development Co., Ltd.

(Japan), British BP Petroleum Company (UK), Eni Petroleum Group (Italy), Chevron Petroleum Company (USA), South Korea GS Petroleum Company (Korea).